despite the victory, Jorge Sampaoli lost his nerves in the stands

Zapping Our World EXCLUDED: Wendie Renard’s “Little Sister” interview! OM won a very valuable success this Sunday evening against Nice (2-1). A capital victory in the race for the Champions League (or even better) which Jorge Sampaoli witnessed from the stands of the Vélodrome. The Argentinian technician was suspended and gave way to the discreet … Read more

Bleu Coupole: a new restaurant is opening under the Printemps Haussmann dome!

Since its creation in 1865, Printemps has never stopped reinventing itself. New visual identity, new spaces, new concepts… In 2022, Printemps Haussmann is embarking on a new metamorphosis. Symbolically, for the arrival of spring, the department store in the 9th arrondissement of Paris unveils all its beautiful novelties. on March 19 and 20. This weekend, … Read more

Plans: Apple is going to photograph the Palace of Versailles

The beautiful days are slowly returning, Apple is relaunching its collection of images in France after the winter break where gray skies are obstacles to capturing images. It is the Île-de-France which is the first concerned, not with cars but by pedestrians weighted with a backpack stuffed with sensors and cameras. And it is more … Read more

a new Model S glides before crashing

An owner of a brand new Tesla Model S worth $150,000 had the idea to take it soaring through the streets of Los Angeles. The electric car crashed hard to the ground, but the driver escaped unscathed. Owners of Tesla cars sometimes attempt dangerous experiments. After the Finn who blew up his Tesla Model S … Read more

why Payet let Milik take the penalty

Dimitri Payet was to take the penalty obtained by OM against Nice (2-1) on Sunday. But it was finally the Polish Arkadiusz Milik who complied by opening the scoring after obtaining the agreement of his teammate. Preserved in Brest (1-4) last week, Dimitri Payet regained his starting place and his captain’s armband on Sunday during … Read more

VIDEO. In a restaurant in Lot-et-Garonne, a competition to become the biggest eater of burgers

the essential Burger’s Park, a restaurant in Allez-et-Cazeneuve near Villeneuve-sur-Lot, organized a competition for the biggest burger eater on Thursday evening. Three of these sandwiches had to be devoured as quickly as possible, with an increasing amount of meat each time. Fans of burgers and unusual challenges had an appointment Thursday evening at Burger’s Park, … Read more

Matt Brittin, CEO of Google Europe: “Google has a vital role to play against disinformation in this conflict”

March 19, 2022 Today at 06:00 Google’s involvement in the war in Ukraine, energy crisis and environmental impact. Meeting with Matt Brittin, Google’s President for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. When you meet Matt Brittin, the head of Google for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, it is difficult not to mention the burning … Read more