Overview of Apple’s repair kit for the iPhone

Following the opening of Apple’s Self Service Repair Store in the United States last week, the Apple Insider site took an interest in the tool kit which is offered for rent to users who do not wish to buy the devices necessary to the unit. It is $49 for a week, with a $1272 security deposit. It takes the form of two large suitcases whose content is adapted to the model of iPhone that you want to repair.

If the equipment impresses, it is that it is strictly identical to that used by Apple’s after-sales service and authorized repair centers: it’s heavy, precise, and made to last. There is in particular a device intended to heat the screen to weaken the adhesive and remove the slab. There is a press for the battery and another for the screen. There is also a support adapted to each model of iPhone, multiple small accessories and screwdrivers…

Apple’s home repair store is currently limited to the iPhone, and it’s only available in the United States. In the coming months, Apple must open up to the Mac and this program must also be launched in other countries. Apple has announced a launch in Europe by the end of the year, but without specifying which countries will be affected.

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