Overview of Apple Music Sing, the karaoke mode in Apple Music

Apple launched the Release Candidate versions of iOS/iPadOS and tvOS 16.2 tonight, and with them the new Apple Music Sing feature.

Apple Music Sing on iOS 16.2

Cupertino introduced its karaoke mode to Apple Music via an official statement released yesterday, stating that the new Apple Music Sing feature will be available before the end of the year. It is therefore logical that we find it in the Release Candidates of iOS and iPadOS 16.2 as well as tvOS 16.2. Enabling Apple Music Sing couldn’t be easier. It will be sufficient to start a title in the Apple Music catalog and then press the icon at the bottom left, which represents a bubble with quotation marks that usually shows the text. The interface does not change, but a new icon representing a sparkling microphone appears, allowing the level of the voice to be varied. Apple had indicated that it would not be possible to completely remove the voice, but we are getting really close to muting indeed and on certain titles. Last point, we were able to verify that this processing is actually done locally and therefore requires calculations performed on the device and some power (certainly via an algorithm and Neural Engine).

Overview of Apple Music Sing, the karaoke mode in Apple Music

Not available for all titles

The interface shows a countdown in the form of three dots in the upper left if the song does not start immediately, quite handy, and it will be possible to navigate the title by pressing a song line. The lyrical lines light up dynamically in real time, just like in real karaoke, with the choruses shown less, but it doesn’t work on all tracks, even on some that still have the voice level adjustment (in the picture above it works for Mr Brightside from The Killers, but the text lights up line by line on Crystalized by The xx, whereas it is possible to lower the level of voice). Apparently it is not possible to activate the function for titles whose subtitles are not available. As a reminder, Apple Music Sing requires at least an A13 chip, i.e. an iPhone 11/iPhone SE Gen3 (Gen2 is not mentioned but is still equipped with an A13), an iPad 9/iPad mini 6/iPad Air Gen4/iPad Pro M1 or an Apple TV 4K 2022 minimum, and Apple was to offer 50 playlists integrating the great classics that made karaoke a success worldwide at launch. Unfortunately, Apple Music Sing doesn’t appear to be planned for Mac, at least for now.

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