Over a million malicious apps banned from the Play Store

Google watches over Android users. The American giant has implemented tools allowing it to detect illicit applications on the Play Store. Thanks to Google Play Protect, he was able to relentlessly scan his app store to extract those that were fraudulent and malicious, reports Phonandroid.

In 2021, Google removed around 1.2 million apps from the Play Store. What “prevent billions of harmful installations”, is it written in a blog post. The company does not wait for an application to be offered in its store, it tries to prevent harm by detecting accounts held by malicious developers. 190,000 of them were banned in 2021. They spread malware or fraudulently collect data from Android users.

Ghost accounts deleted

Another action by Google to clean up the Play Store: the deletion of 500,000 abandoned accounts. Google Play Protect continues to scan billions of apps installed on billions of devices every day to protect people from malware and unwanted software.

As a result of these protective measures, the Play Store has lost weight. It hosts 2.5 million applications, a 28% drop in four years. But the tools put in place by Google are not infallible. It regularly happens that an application manages to cause harm to certain users. Last March, the FaceStealer app targeted the IDs of victims’ Facebook accounts. But Google is tightening the screws with developers with the establishment of a new policy. They must now give users details about the types of data collected and how it is used.

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