Oppo would also work on an in-house SoC

After the in-house design of ISP and Bluetooth chips under the MariSilicon series, Oppo would work on the design of an in-house mobile processor for its future smartphones. A project in tune with the times that would not be surprising.

Oppo inscription on the back of the Reno 8 Pro // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Apple has its “A” Bionic mobile chips, Google its Tensor SoCs, and Samsung its Exynos processors (which the company could use differently in the future). If Ice Universe is to be believed, Oppo may soon also launch smartphones equipped with self-designed chips. According to deliciousthe Chinese brand is said to be working on the launch of its own chipset in 2024. Credible information at first glance, since Oppo has already developed at least two internal chips: the ISP MariSilicon X, dedicated to photography, and Bluetooth chip MariSilicon Y.

To drive this new development, Oppo would have hired several thousand people who were associated with the project, reports GSMArenawithout, however, being able to say much more. However, we can imagine an ARM SoC based on Cortex CPU cores and Mali GPU cores that also incorporates certain ISP and connectivity elements from the two existing MariSilicon chips.

Who could Oppo have collaborated with?

GSMArena also remember a rumor that circulated last year. She suggested that Oppo was already interested in the idea of ​​designing a custom chip based on TSMC’s 3nm engraving process. A process that is about to be used on a large scale at the Taiwanese foundry. We also know that TSMC and Oppo already collaborate with each other, as the current Oppo MariSilicon X chips are actually etched in 6nm at TSMC.

OPPO independently developed the processor that will be used in OPPO smartphones in 2024.

— Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) 30 December 2022

It remains to be seen what level of performance Oppo is aiming for with this first in-house SoC… and what partner the brand might find to help it with its design. For its Tensor processors, Google collaborates with Samsung, for example. It would not be surprising if Oppo sought to create a similar association to move forward with its project more quickly.

Part of the answer could eventually turn up on MediaTek’s side. As GSMArena points out, last year the group announced the launch of its Dimension 5G Open Resource Architecture and also began allowing modifications to its chipsets by smartphone manufacturers themselves. The beginning of a track about Oppo? Hard to say at the moment, but the idea of ​​a partnership with MediaTek cannot be ruled out.

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