Opening of Tesla Superchargers: risk of friction

On January 31, 2022, at 2 p.m., Tesla opened 16 French Supercharger fast charging stations to models from other brands. This experiment, already initiated in the Netherlands, appears to be a real revolution in the world of electric cars. Until now, the American brand’s network was reserved for the brand’s customers, and was a major asset. With the launch of the Model 3 in 2019, Tesla took a first step by adopting a CCS connector, a type of cable corresponding to the European standard. He … not all that remained was to unlock the software part to allow free access to the Superchargers to customers of other brands.

It was with a Skoda Enyaq that we went to experiment with this new service, at the Supercharger in Vélizy, near Paris. On our arrival, several Tesla and models of other brands are already installed. But Tesla has planned wide: with sixteen charging points there, places are still plentiful. We had previously created an account on the Tesla application. The Tesla terminals being devoid of screen and RFID sensor, going through a smartphone is indeed the only solution to charge. Once in front of the terminal, you must select your number on the application, then enter your bank details. The ergonomics are simple, but the process tedious: delays have caused the operation to jump twice, which then requires entering all the information again. The charge starts, but the operation is obviously slower than with a Tesla, directly recognized by the infrastructure.

A charge at the power expected at Tesla

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