Ongoing outage for Apple Music and other services among some users

Apple reports an ongoing outage for some of its services, including Apple Music. There are also issues with iTunes Match, Radio and Apple Music radios.

A new failure in some users for Apple Music

Whether it’s for the failure of Apple Music, iTunes Match, Radio or Apple Music radios, the message is always the same: “Some users are affected. Intermittent problems may occur on this service, ”says the manufacturer. He does not go into details, only saying that there have been problems since 10:17 p.m.

As always, you can’t do anything in particular, except to wait. It is possible that the fix will arrive quickly, just as it could arrive overnight from Thursday to Friday. Apple doesn’t say anything specific about it.

By the way, Apple says there are bugs yesterday with iWork Collaboration, Game Center, iWork for iCloud, iCloud Mail, iCloud Bookmarks and Tabs, Screen Time and iCloud Keychain. But all these problems were corrected in less than an hour on average.

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