OL still without sporting director since Juninho’s departure

Since Juninho’s departure in December, just two and a half years after the Brazilian took over as sporting director, OL have not recruited anyone to fill the position.
The Lyon club only restored Bruno Cheyrou to his former prerogatives, in charge of recruiting and supervising the men’s, women’s and youth teams.

The club, which considers, rightly or wrongly, that the number of scouts is not so important at a time when good players have been identified for a long time, works with a reduced team and leaves Cheyrou to take care of the recruitment in collaboration with Peter Bosz, while Vincent Ponsot takes care of the negotiation, depending on what is or is not accessible.

The new shareholder could choose his man

In the definition of his position, Bruno Cheyrou is not far from being a sports director, but he will not assume every aspect of it and will not speak, in the media, on match nights, for example.

He will continue to ask himself the question of the presence of a football man capable of speaking up in a crisis situation to defend the club and empower the players, as Bernard Lacombe did for a long time, as Juninho did not do, and as someone probably should have done last season. But, on this level as on others, it is possible that the change of majority shareholder will have consequences.


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