nothing is going right, Tesla is expensive!

Sales of new vehicles suffered a terrible setback in China last April. The “zero Covid” policy rigorously implemented by the authorities of the Middle Kingdom is not without consequences, especially for Tesla…

A collapse ! Last month in China, registrations of new vehicles plunged by 47.6%, at the comparable period of 2021, indicate our colleagues from A tumble that can largely be attributed to collateral effects of the “zero Covid” policy (confinement, closing of factories…) applied by the Chinese Communist Party, in order to avoid a resumption of Covid-19 in China…

Tesla is expensive

Moreover, over the first four months of the yearcar sales in China – the world’s largest car market – are accusing a decrease of 12% compared to the corresponding period last year, according to figures released on Wednesday by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers. On the manufacturer side, Tesla suffered particularly last month in China with a drop in sales which reached… – 98% in April 2022the confinement imposed on Shanghai having greatly disrupted the activity of its megafactory with exports reduced to nil during the month which has just passed.

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Published on 05/12/2022 Updated 05/12/2022

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