No, the vaccine does not destroy the immune defenses that fight cancer

Cases of Covid-19 are on the rise again, and the government is already resuming its awareness for vaccination. But some seem to have found new side effects. This was explained by the priest Michel Viot on the antenna of Radio courtoisie, a French associative radio which gives priority to politics and religion. The guest evokes a grandmother who was in remission from breast cancer, and who died. “We had just given him his third dose of vaccine. It’s not once that happened, otherwise it could be an unfortunate coincidence. But it’s several times,” continues Michel Viot.

He then describes his own situation. The man is in remission from ENT cancer: “A year ago, I asked the question [sur le fait de se faire vacciner ou non] to my oncologist. He said to me: in your case it is not necessary. The priest concluded by affirming that the vaccine “will fix itself on the Covid and will let everything else pass. In other words, it will lower your immune defenses and you risk having cancer that flares up again”.

In the comments under the Twitter post, several Internet users announce that they have already heard the same speech from French or Quebec oncologists. What about cancer and the Covid-19 vaccine? 20 minutes make the point.


“It is not true to say that in oncology we advise against the vaccine against Covid-19,” says oncologist Alain Toledano. “On the contrary, the vaccine is protective of a virus which can be dangerous for the organism”, continues the specialist. “As for the immune system, it adapts very well. “The website of the National Cancer Institute indeed indicates: “People with cancer who undergo treatment that reduces their immune defenses are at risk of serious forms of COVID-19. The vaccine can protect them. »

The subject is consensus in the profession. At the level of the League against cancer, the opinion is the same: “According to studies, compared to people who do not suffer from cancer, patients with cancer have a slightly increased risk of serious complications or death from Covid-19 infection. »

The association still suggests some precautions to be taken in certain cases. For patients undergoing immunosuppressive treatment: “It is possible that due to immunosuppression, they react less well to vaccination and do not develop sufficient immune protection. A discussion with their oncologist is essential before any vaccination. There is no way the injection could make the cancer come back, but because of the treatment being followed, it might be less effective.

The Cancer League also suggests that breast cancer patients “get vaccinated on the side not affected by the disease. If both breasts are affected, the ideal location for the injection should be defined with the attending physician”.

However, it is correct to say that among the adverse effects listed by the European Medicines Agency are several cases of immune system disorders. The site does not indicate whether this specifically concerns people with cancer or not. But for Doctor Alain Toledano, it is still necessary to trust the health authorities and the studies which have shown “that there were more benefits than risks in the vaccine”.

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