No more monopoly, Apple would open the iPhone to alternative app stores

Bloomberg reveals that Apple is preparing to open the iPhone and iPad to the installation of alternative application stores to the App Store. This is a historic policy change for Apple to follow EU decisions.

Apple and Google’s control over iPhone and Android smartphone app stores has been a concern for many regulators for several years.

Apple in particular counts and shines on its very lucrative ecosystem, so that it sometimes offends its long-standing partners such as Epic Games, Microsoft, Spotify or, more recently, Elon Musk and Twitter.

It is therefore a particularly important change that the media informs us of Bloomberg and specialist journalist Mark Gurman: Apple should soon approve the installation of alternative stores.

Thank you European Union

According to the site, this decision on Apple’s part comes from a desire to follow EU decisions. From 2024, the EU will force publishers of platforms such as Apple and Google to improve the situation for application publishers.

With these changes, iPhone or iPad users will be able to do without the Apple App Store in favor of an Epic Game Store, a store developed by Xbox or even, why not, a version iOS from the Google Play Store.

By going through these alternative stores, publishers will be able to escape Apple’s famous 30% commission. However, the firm will consider charging fees for applications installed outside of its App Store. His fee would be there to cover security checks.

According to Bloomberg, it would be a special version of iOS that would only be offered by Apple in Europe. The company will be ready to adapt this version of the system to other countries depending on the legislation.

Progress for power users

If we can be happy about this future big change for iOS in Europe, we have to remember that this probably only concerns savvy users. In fact, Android already allows the installation of alternative stores, and yet the Play Store occupies a hegemonic place there.

It will therefore be very difficult for an Epic, a Google or a Microsoft to compete effectively with Apple in its own ecosystem. Still, for connoisseurs, it will be a way to free themselves from Apple’s rules and gain access to prohibited programs. We are especially thinking of all the cloud gaming services that have been banned for several years.

A change ready for iOS 17

This major update for iOS is currently being prepared by Apple. According to Bloombergthe company’s teams would be particularly unhappy about having to adapt to the new European legislation against their choice for the platform.

Despite this lack of motivation, efforts are progressing well to integrate iOS 17, the next version of the iPhone system, which is expected to be released in September 2023. Enough to get slightly ahead of the EU’s 2024 commitment.

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