No HDR10+ support for apps on Apple TV

In recent years, the viewing quality of TV series and content on TV has increased significantly. In this panorama, without a doubt, HDR has played a fundamental role. Why won’t we see HDR10+ content on Apple TV at least for now?

The HDR10+ standard is the alternative to Dolby Vision. This is a more open standard that allows film and TV producers to benefit from better color rendition of content, higher contrast, in a simpler way than Dolby Vision.

The DR10+ does not want to replace Dolby Vision, but it can certainly be an alternative. Despite the muted announcement later removed on Apple’s website, this standard will not reach the current generation of Apple TV.

hdr10 plus apple tv 2

This is probably a hardware limitation of the second generation AppleTV 4K which nevertheless supports these standards:

  • Dolby Vision (HEVC, profile 5)
  • HDR10 (Profile 10)
  • HLG

TV manufacturers have started supporting HDR10+ since 2018. At the moment a lot of content on different streaming platforms has it built in and it’s a real shame that the current generation of Apple TV 4K doesn’t support it as well. .

All told, given the removal of any reference to this standard from the pages of future Cupertino operating systems, it’s really hard to think that a new Apple TV that supports it could arrive in the coming months. It’s much more likely to imagine that Apple will give developers the ability to introduce HDR10+ into their apps starting with the iOS 17 family sometime in 2023. This prediction therefore suggests the possible launch of a new TV only in the second half of next year.

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