Nintendo: Apple’s IOS 16 update compatible with the Switch!

According to our colleagues from Presse Citron, the IOS 16 update could delight Nintendo fans and Switch owners.

In a few months, IOS 16 will be deployed on all iPhones. Or rather, those who can accommodate it. But perhaps some were ignoring an important point. Like in particular the fact that Nintendo fans could benefit from this update. Especially those who own the Switch.

Back to the future

Another good news for the Japanese firm. Indeed, those who own Nintendo’s latest jewel have been entitled to many good news for the past few weeks. Soon they will be able to play the new version of Mario Strikers.

But that’s not the only good news for the Switch. Because yes, not long ago, the fans learned the return of a vintage accessory. An accessory that had not yet had the expected result when it was released.

We are indeed talking about the Power Glove. The first accessory to use motion recognition to control games. However, when it was released, it did not have the expected result and had many bugs.

In addition, the comfort was not there and the players finally abandoned it. However, with the advancements in technology, we can think that the new version could meet the expectations of many fans.

The latter could even dive back into old Nintendo titles in order to really take advantage of the Power Glove. Because yes, even songs released in the 90s are still as successful with the Japanese firm.

Speaking of old games, we can for example refer to this famous Star Wars game which is making a comeback. STAR WARS KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLICalthough no date has been communicated, should soon return to the delight of players.

Nintendo: Apple’s IOS 16 update compatible with the Switch!

IOS 16 update for Nintendo and Switch

Maybe you’ll even be able to play it on your iPhone, while having your joy-con. Why will you tell us? Quite simply thanks to the arrival of IOS 16. Apple’s update which also concerns Nintendo players.

These are our colleagues from Presse Citron who broke the news. The media explaining that some developers had made some interesting discoveries. According to them, “the new system to come will give pride of place to video game controllers”.

In addition, it would be possible to synchronize its controllers Nintendo Switch with an iPhone! Apple engineer Nat Brown himself confirmed this support. But in addition to Joy-Con, it will also support the Pro Controller.

And in addition to being able to play certain games with Nintendo controllers, other peripherals will also be compatible. Especially with the iPad and Apple TV. In short, this is excellent news that will delight many players.

It remains to be seen when everyone will be able to take advantage of it. Normally, IOS 16 should land at the end of the year or at the start of the next school year. Specifically, when 14 iPhones hit the market. So a few more months to be patient before discovering a new way to play.

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