NFTs will soon be able to bypass App Store restrictions

While the App Store imposes strict rules to limit the use of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in its ecosystem, European rules are forcing Apple to reverse: Third-party applications will soon be able to bypass App Store restrictions.

Apple goes into reverse

Famous for its hermetic ecosystem, the American company is currently preventing the development of an important branch of Web3: NFTs. Last October, Apple made the choice to limit the use of non-fungible tokens to artistic and collectible aspects.

However, the technology company’s closed system will soon be open to competition. In response to new European legislation coming into effect in 2024, Apple must allow the deployment of alternative application stores to the App Store on its devices.

Specifically, this means that the recent rules imposed on NFTs will become invalid. By going through third-party app stores, publishers will be able to bypass the 30% commission imposed by the App Store while developing games where NFTs allow unlocking of in-game content.

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By imposing a 30% commission on the sale of non-fungible tokens, Apple significantly reduces the profit margin for professionals trading NFTs. Therefore, several voices from Web3 have been raised to condemn this abuse of authority.

Coinbase refused to submit to the demands of the company led by Tim Cook, and rejects the implementation of some of its services on Apple devices. Meanwhile, Dan Finlay, co-founder of Metamask, called Apple’s treasure “ abuse of monopoly compares the company to the fictional character Big Brother.

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Towards the opening of the Apple ecosystem in Europe?

For years, the various political entities in the EU have condemned Apple’s monopoly. But the new legislation is called ” Digital Markets Act is going to disrupt the American company in the same way as its digital counterparts.

This regulation was published in the Official Journal of the European Union in October 2022 and is introduced to decentralize digital-related sectors where the GAFAMs reign as undisputed masters of their respective markets.

For Apple, this regulation contradicts its technical and economic model based on its closed system. From now on, the American company must submit to greater competitiveness by allowing :

  • download from application stores other than the App Store;
  • the interoperability of the various instant messaging applications available on the market;
  • uninstalling programs pre-installed on a device;
  • the choice of software when installing the operating system on a device (such as the web browser and search engine).

The new legislation, which applies from May 2023, will be tolerant of non-compliant companies until 2024. Until this date, developers of NFT-related applications must be patient with the implementation of their projects on Apple devices.

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Sources: Bloomberg, Public Life

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