new revelations about Karim Benzema’s discomfort with the Blues

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Everything was ultimately too good. Reconciled with Didier Deschamps, winner of the Ballon d’Or 2022 after walking on water with Real Madrid, Karim Benzema (34) appeared to be one of the main offensive weapons of the French team at the beginning of the 2022 World Cup. But now , the Real Madrid striker quickly became disillusioned. Out of form, he injured himself (quadriceps) alone in training with the Blues in Qatar, having just returned to the group on 19 November. A new physical failure that forced him to lose himself before the start of the competition.

The adventure therefore ended for KB9, his delicate history with the World Cup will always resonate as a huge regret for French football. Quickly, as he had left the France group’s hotel in the middle of the night, rumors began to abound that the tricolor players, or at least some, would be relieved of Karim Benzema’s departure. As the French team took off in this 2022 World Cup, Karim Benzema found himself on the pitch with Real Madrid. We quickly wondered if Nueve could not return to Qatar as he is still on the French roster, or indeed if the staff had not been a bit quick with him.

The towel is still burning between Benzema and Deschamps

As Didier Deschamps and Guy St├ęphan recently explained, Karim Benzema is not returning to Qatar and it was never even a question of that, as recalled The team This Saturday. The former Lyonnais, who turned down the invitation from Emmanuel Macron, was not even due to join his teammates for the grand final of the World Cup, this Sunday (4pm), against Argentina. Sportsdagbladet adds that no one, in the FFF or the management of the Blues, knows how Merengue will position itself in relation to a possible status of world champion and the bonuses that would come with it.

But The team confirms above all that there is indeed water in the gas, again, between Didier Deschamps and Karim Benzema and that the old tensions between the two men have been revived by the Real forward’s package. So much so that DD and KB9 should make things clear again, just like what was done just before Euro 2020, which marked Benzema’s big return to the French team. As it could have filtered at the time, Benzema’s entourage did not understand the management of his injury before the World Cup, although the doctor of the Blues was in conflict with the Casa Blancas and that no risk was taken to avoid “contaminating” the competition.

Benzema did not understand the staff at the Blues

This is perhaps the spark, because Karim Benzema would have liked to be with his partners to heal and keep all his chances to participate in the planetary competition he has dreamed of lifting for many years. The sports daily assures that he did not understand the choice to send him off, as Deschamps had not called additional players to compensate for his package. Something that could have calmed the spirits of this thorny Benzema file. While his departure would indeed have allowed the group to live better, according to some Blue’s feelings, KB9 is still and always talked about, sometimes questionable in his communication.

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