New features on Google Ads

Google Adwords allows advertisers to be visible on Google when a user types in a specific keyword. Googles Ads now makes it possible to target new customers more effectively. Google announced three new features on this tool for Performance Max campaigns.

The three new options will soon be available on Performance Max campaigns. They will provide insight into customer interest, a one-click upgrade tool, and a new type of customer acquisition objective.

Learn more about customer interests

In order to best target their customers, advertisers seek to know their interests. With these new features, Google will make customer interest insights available on the Insights page. It will then be possible to know the research topics that will generate more conversions.

This information currently missing from Performance Max will allow advertisers to be more specific when working on a Google Ads campaign. Advertisers will then be able to know how their content (images, videos and texts) is perceived by specific customer segments. Google Ads also automates many tasks using machine learning to find potential customers. Detailed reports can be generated by Performance Max in order to visualize at a glance the performance and how to optimize it.

Acquire new customers

The vast majority of advertisers are accompanied by a google ads agency that helps them define their objectives precisely. This way advertisers can maximize conversions. Google, which has transferred Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max, will give advertisers the possibility of defining the type of campaign objective.

Thanks to this new feature, it will be possible to bid to reach new customers with the same profile as existing customers. Advertisers can then focus on optimizing ads for these new customers. Performance Max can target new customers using consumer intentions and preferences as well as advertiser data. Bids and placements can also be optimized based on machine learning models. Advertisers should not omit to indicate the types of content in which they do not want ads to appear.

A campaign update tool

Finally, the last feature deployed by Google Ads will be the one-click upgrade tool. The tool will be accessible on the Recommendations page and the Campaigns page. It will update Smart Shopping campaigns with a single click. This will then become a separate Performance Max campaign.

With this new campaign format, Google allows advertisers to perform better. For this, Performance Max is based on the conversion objectives indicated. The tool is able to optimize performance in real time as well as across all Google channels including YouTube, Search, Display, Gmail, Maps, Discover, etc. If you are looking to grow your audience and increase your conversions, Google Ads – Performance Max campaigns can be a good place to start.

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