new big price increase, how far will we go?

In order to follow the American prices which have increased sharply several times in recent weeks, Tesla has passed on this increase to French prices. After a first localized increase on the entry-level Tesla Model 3, it was all the rest of the manufacturer’s offer that saw its prices climb overnight.

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What if 2021 was an exception for the Tesla Model 3 in France? Indeed, with a price that has defied all competition for a little over a year, the compact sedan from the firm of Elon Musk was an obvious choice for the vast majority of buyers. After a series of successive increases having even excluded the entry level from the maximum ecological bonus, yet another new increase has just taken place on all Model 3 and Model Y.

Prices that keep on rising

In an uncertain economic context and with strong pressure on raw materials, Tesla has taken the decision to successively increase its entire range in the USA by a few thousand dollars since the beginning of March 2022. In France, we you recently talked about the latest increase that put a stop to the excellent deal that was the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion with the ecological bonus of 6,000 euros.

Tesla Model 3 Pricing March 16, 2022
Tesla Model 3 Prices as of March 16, 2022

Today, another increase of 3,000 euros took place overnight, propelling the manufacturer’s entry-level to 49,990 euros excluding bonuses, or 47,990 euros including the aid in force from 2 000 euros. It is more than 10,000 euros increase in two weeks that Tesla’s most popular model has suffered on its included bonus rate, i.e. a rise of 27%.

The Tesla Model 3 Propulsion is not the only one concerned this time around. Indeed, the Tesla Model 3 Grande Autonomie also goes from 55,990 euros to 58,990 euros (+ 3,000 euros). The same increase is applied to the Tesla Model 3 Performance, which thus goes from 59,990 euros to 62,990 euros, which completely excludes it from the ecological bonus.

Tesla Model Y prices March 16, 2022

The Tesla Model Y, for its part, undergoes an increase in the Long Autonomy version only, of 3,000 euros (like its little sister the Model 3) and thus goes to 62,990 euros. It is therefore officially no longer eligible for the slightest financial boost. The Tesla Model Y Performance keeps its price of 66,990 euros, even though the first deliveries from the Berlin factory should arrive next week.

We summarize the various increases in the table below, with the prices including the ecological bonus in parentheses. You can see that on the entry-level Tesla Model 3, for example, the difference with the minimum price applied for three years is now more than 11,000 euros, which will undoubtedly delight buyers from the good old days. .

Date Model 3 SR+ or RWD Model 3 Long Autonomy Model 3 Performance Model Y Long Autonomy Model Y Performance
06/2019 €48,600 (€42,600) €59,000 (€53,000) €68,600 (€62,600)
07/2020 €49,600 (€42,600) €57,800 (€54,800) €64,890
12/2020 €50,990 (€44,990) €63,000 €70,000
01/2021 €43,800 (€37,800) €51,990 (€49,990) €59,990 (€57,990)
03/2022 €44,990 (€38,990) €55,990 (€53,990) €59,990 (€57,990) €66,990
03/2022 €46,990 (€44,990) €59,990 (€57,990)
03/2022 €49,990 (€47,990) €58,990 (€56,990) €62,990 €62,990 €66,990

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