Near Rouen, L’Auberge de Papa combines bistronomic restaurant, wine bar and bed and breakfast!

The team at L’Auberge de papa in Auzouville-sur-Ry, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime): the chef, the waitress, and the pair who own the place, namely the father and the son. (©Isabelle Villy)

The small village ofAuzouville-sur-Ry, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime) will soon become the fashionable place in the Rouen region, “The place to be”, as people willingly say on the lookout for the slightest place to party or have a good moment. It is indeed in this village that Papa’s Inn has just opened its doors: a restaurant with a bistronomic menu, a wine bar… and guest rooms.

“We created a traffic jam on the Waze mobile application”

At the head of the establishment, installed in the old village shop which had closed its doors, a father and his son: one is 41 years old and the second is 22 years old and between them, they form a duo with “two complementary visions” to make their business work. And the least we can say is that for the opening night, a few days ago, the pair worked well! “We created a traffic jam on the Waze mobile application”, laughs the father who did not expect such a crowd for the inauguration.

“We had nearly six hundred people! We had set up tents on the square, there was a concert and everything went well, ”he says, delighted, even if he knows that in the coming weeks, the whole team, c i.e. he and his son, a waitress and a chef, will have to take their marks and adapt to the flow of visitors. But in the meantime, this launch is proving to be a success and offers an idea of ​​going out in rural areas, the address of which should soon be known around.

A CAP de cuisine three years ago

But how did the idea of ​​settling here, in the countryside, come about? The father, still employed at the TCAR and who will keep his activity until the business is on the right track, explains that it is above all “passion” that guided him in this company. A passion that dates back to skiing trips and preparing burgers for friends. “With my son, we set ourselves a challenge, that of opening a restaurant. I passed a CAP in cooking three years ago, via Fongecif… and today we are launching with L’Auberge de Papa”.

The son for his part, who has so far worked in various positions in the world of catering, whether in management in fast food or in Corsica, brings the ideas of his generation to the pair and with his father, he is a relationship of trust that prevails.

Links forged with surrounding tourism players

As for the choice of Auzouville, the pair noted that there are a lot of forty-somethings around here, that there is “not much in the area” and that people do not necessarily want to go to Rouen to have fun. It was therefore strategically an ideal place to start a business. Supported by the Normandy Caux Vexin Tourist Office, which includes the Ry branch, the two partners of the Auberge de Papa intend to forge links with nearby tourist players such as the Château de Martainville or the Jardin Plume, to make themselves known to tourists.

Capacity of about fifty place settings

With a capacity of 26 seats in the restaurant and around 20 in the wine bar, visitors can indeed make a gourmet stop and even, why not, extend their stay a little thanks to the guest rooms. “We offer a bistronomic menu in the restaurant and for the wine bar, it’s more charcuterie and cheese boards”, point out the managers of the place, who mainly call on local producers for supplies.

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A market project on the square

To publicize their small business even more, the father and son will therefore regularly offer evening concerts at the end of the week and from the first Thursday of May, the inhabitants of the village, and elsewhere, will be able to enjoy a market.

“We are working on this project with the municipality of Auzouville-sur-Ry and moreover, if itinerant traders are interested in doing this market, they can contact us”. By coming to the market, visitors will be able to discover the rehabilitated trade of Auzouville and spend a pleasant moment with family or friends, within a welcoming and rather cozy establishment.

Practical information

For the restaurant and the wine bar, it is advisable to book on 02 35 91 29 76. Or by email: [email protected]
Address: 21 church square in Auzouville-sur-Ry.
Facebook page: Dad’s Inn.
The team at L’Auberge de papa in Auzouville-sur-Ry, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime): the chef, the waitress, and the pair who own the place, namely the father and the son (Photo © Isabelle Villy).

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