Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is putting enormous pressure on Paris City Hall

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PSG and Paris City Hall have been in the middle of a showdown for a few weeks. For some time, the club has wanted to buy the Parc des Princes, which belongs to the city of Paris, but negotiations have stalled. Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is taking advantage of the World Cup in Qatar to deliver interview after interview and increase the pressure on Anne Hidalgo and her team. The chairman of the club has already spoken in the columns of feelthen off Parisian and this time it’s inside The team let him put a layer on.

It must be said that in the meantime the first deputy mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Grégoire, spoke and lamented that the owners of PSG made a ridiculous offer. “The sale, we have not categorically ruled it out. But it is at the right price yes. PSG is offering 40 million euros. It is cheaper than Paredes. Honestly ? ! Do you really think that the park is worth less than Leandro Paredes bought 50 million euros? This is not serious. There is some kind of pressure that is not responsible.

NAK: “The value of the stadium without PSG? It’s nothing”

On NAK’s side, this last statement naturally goes down badly. “He talks too much. In front of us he tells us something and in the newspaper his version is different. I can’t accept that. If there is a problem we talk face to face. Not in the newspaper. If I have a message, do i the live”assumes the manager before brandishing the threat of a departure from the park. “If they don’t want to accept our offer, we will leave. We do not threaten. We shake hands, we thank the town hall and we say goodbye.

According to him, QSI has already invested €80 million in the modernization of the enclosure, and without the presence of the football club, the value of the stadium would drop suddenly. “I have a question. What is the value of the stadium without PSG? It is nothing. The city hall must also ask itself what the club brings to Paris City. If they think that we have to invest 500 M€, will we simply go and build a new stadium. A scenario not without foundation, but which would also not please the supporters, in love with PSG’s historic stadium.

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