Narbonne: Bonne Mère, a new episode in the Meynadier culinary saga

60 years after the opening of the family’s first restaurant in Gruissan, Le Record, the great-grandson of Marcel and Michèle Record, Simon Meynadier, opened, with his companion Lolie Barbaste, Bonne Mère on Cours Mirabeau. The family adventure continues!

The Good Poor Mother! A little air of Marseille in the center of Narbonne on the Cours Mirabeau, a new restaurant that smells of the south and tradition. This new establishment is Lolie Barbaste, the niece of Gilles Belzons, and Simon Meynadier who opened it last April. This young couple from Narbonnais thus continues a long and beautiful family adventure. The Meynadier, everyone knows here! Their cuisine has accompanied and delighted generations of Audois.

The family’s culinary epic began in 1962 on the Chalets beach in Gruissan with Le Record. “It was my great-grandfather, Marcel Record, and his wife Michèle who founded it. She was the cook, and in the family, we nicknamed her Bonne Mère, hence the name of our restaurant. “, says Simon passionately. At the time, the Records managed several houses in Narbonne, the Flanker, the National…

The family saga began on the Chalets de Gruissan beach in 1962.

In 1982, Estagnol in Gruissan

“My grandparents, Jeanne and Denis Meynadier, continued the saga. They started by working at Record and then set up their own business, the Restaurant du Port in Saint-Pierre-la-Mer”. Subsequently, the couple will go to Tahiti for two years where they will also run a restaurant. Decidedly when it’s in the blood… In 1982, the family business really took off with the opening of Estagnol in Gruissan, which celebrates, in this year 2022, its 40th anniversary. “This name of Estagnol comes from the Occitan which means small pond, and in Gruissan, the restaurant is located just in front of the pond. That’s the story”says Simon.

In 1994, they founded L’Estagnol, this time in Narbonne. Jeanne and Denis will have three children, Arnaud, Simon’s father, Fabrice and Fanny, adopted in Tahiti. All work as a family. And everyone at some point naturally manifests the desire to fly with their own wings. The Meynadiers then launched Côté Pub on Cours Mirabeau in 1999 and En Face sur les Barques in 2003, two businesses that they sold in 2009 with Estagnol de Narbonne.

The L'Estagnol Narbonne team on opening day in 1994.

The L’Estagnol Narbonne team on opening day in 1994.

Signature dishes

13 years later, Simon Meynadier and Lolie Barbaste proudly take up the family torch with Bonne Mère. 60 years after the opening of the Record in Gruissan. Simon, 26, holds a business license and trained at the famous Ferrandi school in Paris. He has been working seasonally since he was 14 with his parents, so he has mastered the job. Just like Lolie, 24, by the way. “Like my parents, we wanted to set up our own business. I like Gruissan, but it’s only open four months a year and then I’m from Narbonne… Things are a bit more lively here, the clientele is younger, slice Simon.

Some dishes offered à la carte by Lolie and Simon have gone through the history of the Meynadier establishments: fish soup, mussels with ravigote sauce, stuffed squid… “We’re going back to what made L’Estagnol so successful, a good canteen at lunchtime and fish and seafood in the evening. the signature. People came to us when they were little and now come back with their children. It’s a beautiful story, a story that continues in the tradition”.

Simon's great-grandmother, Michèle Record nicknamed

Simon’s great-grandmother, Michèle Record nicknamed “Good Mother”.

A beautiful family story that unfolds as far as Provence where Simon’s uncle runs a restaurant – L’Estagnol – and his cousin a scaler, L’Ecailler de l’Estagnol.

The Bonne Mère restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner (service until 10:30 p.m.). Such. 04 68 91 31 01.
L’Estagnol in Gruissan is open in season from Tuesday evening to Sunday lunchtime. Such. 04 68 49 01 27.

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