Nadal widens the gap against Ruud and wins the second set (6-3, 6-3)

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5:16 p.m. : So, to those who complain that we use break and unbreak. The language is richer than you think. The French word break (in tennis or in life “to take a break”), comes from the English break which comes from Old English Brecan, which is linked to Old Saxon and to a common Indo-European root with the latin frangere and the FRENCH to grind. So in usage (and the dictionaries) break is French and in any case has a lot of French in it.

5:14 p.m. : We will close the linguistic debate on the use of the term “break” thanks to @Valentine (and I remind you in passing that “break” is in the Larousse dictionary).

5:11 p.m. : Well, we are going to calmly prepare ourselves for the push of Rafael Nadal’s 14th coronation as Casper Ruud seems resigned. The Spaniard made the entry break in the third set.

5:07 p.m. : @Celine I’m taking bets with you, it seems unlikely that we’ll finish after midnight 😉

5:07 p.m. : A priori, everyone will be able to take the metro to return at the end of the match!

5:06 p.m. : @fanzone It is certain, Casper Ruud did not have to take out a single member of the Top 10 on his way to the final, when Rafael Nadal stuck with two.

5:06 p.m. : Your opinion Pierre, the 2 selection tables were unbalanced, weren’t they? hard for Nadal, softer for Ruud;

5:06 p.m. : If we were Quebecers, we would say service break. Let’s stay on break and debreak (the latter being a nice francization of an English word for a game originally French, my head is spinning)

5:05 p.m. : I am slipped into the comments the pretty Quebec translation of “break” for the use of our relentless French-speaking people 😉

5:04 p.m. : After going up 2 sets to 0, Rafael Nadal is:
– 12-0 in major finals (8-0 at French Open)
– 33-0 in major semifinals/finals
– 91-0 at the French Open
– 236-2 at all majors

5:04 p.m. : If he read this tweet summarizing the history of Rafael Nadal when he leads 2 sets to nothing, Casper Ruud would go to the locker room to take a shower… The case happened 236 times, and the Spaniard did not dropped only two games, including none in the Grand Slam final or at Roland-Garros (out of 91 cases).

4:57 p.m. : Funny match all the same, no rhythm, few great exchanges, and finally a challenger who seems to have never had the weapons to fight against Nadal. This men’s final is very similar to the women’s final on Saturday. Little thought for the people who took tickets for today thinking of attending a game summit…

4:56 p.m. : What is incredible in Nadal’s game is when his opponent has a point that seems to be winning but the Spaniard manages to make a terrible comeback and win the point! 2 sets to nothing.

4:56 p.m. : If we leave on the music, I have a message for Ruudy

4:56 p.m. : @Henriette It’s now been two sets to nothing for a Rafael Nadal who is clearly not playing in the same division as his opponent (6-3, 6-3) in 1h48 of play. I’m off to do a rain dance on the terrace of France Télévisions, I only see that to reverse the course of the match.

4:54 p.m. : Hello Pierre, no offense to those who are tired of seeing him win but Nadal remains the master! It reminds me of a certain Steffi Graf who gave her opponents no chance!

4:52 p.m. : @Citizen Find me a short term to say “to steal the service of his opponent” and “to take back the service of his opponent who had stolen it from you in the previous game” to say “break” and “unbreak”, but for lack of anything better, I will continue like this. Cheers 😉

4:51 p.m. : Your foreign journalist uses the term “debreak”. What is it about? This FRANCE TÉLÉVISIONS site is less and less French. Thanks

4:47 p.m. : Honesty they were stars of the show for Nadal & Djokovic #RolandGarros

4:47 p.m. : The group installed at the top of the Central stand is the only protagonist of the proposed show not to have made a false note this afternoon…

4:45 p.m. : Ruud is a nice little guy. He does everything: the difficult points, the easy faults..

4:44 p.m. : Rafael Nadal returns this second set against an opponent who stammers the Ruudiments of his tennis. Led 3-1, the Spaniard now leads 4-3, service to follow, in this set.

4:39 p.m. : Anyone who has never had a panty problem has never played sports. Respect for Rafa!

4:37 p.m. : Nadal’s routine looks like mine before he started building an IKEA shelf

4:37 p.m. : Think about it before the next serve from Rafael Nadal, who came back to 3-3 in the second set.

4:32 p.m. : Rafael Nadal breaks and returns to 2-3, service to follow. The match becomes disjointed again, but at a high level. We see many more splendid points than in the first run.

4:31 p.m. : It’s not Ruud-bis that we have at the start of the 2nd set, the Norwegian sends Nadal back in his 22

4:44 p.m. : @Fabien It’s even better than that, the Norwegian having succeeded in breaking against a Rafael Nadal who seems to have lost his footing a little in this final. 3-1 for the Norwegian in this second round, marked by good exchanges.


4:27 p.m. : Bah.. Ruud of honor for the Norwegian?

4:22 p.m. : Have we found the Ruudoutable Norwegian? Casper Ruud leads 2-1 in a less disjointed second set than the first, and manages to overwhelm the Spaniard with his power when the exchange lasts.

4:19 p.m. : Theoretically, it’s 25 seconds, but we will say that Rafael Nadal benefits from a certain leniency of the refereeing body.

4:18 p.m. : NADAL, 30 seconds to serve . Is there a referee on the court?

4:18 p.m. : I had the same thought a few days ago 😄! He should wear cotton, it doesn’t stick when it’s very hot! Not necessarily aesthetic but comfortable

4:18 p.m. : Meritorious effort, but I believe that even if he wore a diaper, Rafael Nadal would still have this occ 😉

4:13 p.m. : We take a good lesson to spread out a towel correctly. Thank you Nadal

4:13 p.m. : More than 15 years on the circuit and Nadal still hasn’t solved his slip problem…

4:13 p.m. : 16 years after his debut at Roland-Garros, and you are still surprised by Rafael Nadal’s tocs 😉

4:12 p.m. : Casper starts his second set well with a convincing service game. 3-6, 1-0 for the Norwegian when we have just crossed the hour mark.

4:10 p.m. : @Aleg Thank you for your science of crowned heads!

4:10 p.m. : To the right of King Felipe VI, there is also the Norwegian Crown Prince, Haakon of Norway.

4:08 p.m. : @Curious 73 We have to go back to Valéry Giscard d’Estaing who attended a semi-final in 1974 with the Frenchman François Jauffret to find a President of the Republic in the stands. Seeing a prime minister there is more common: Manuel Valls went there in 2015 for the Djokovic-Wawrinka final.

4:06 p.m. : As for the moment, I have more the impression of observing a training session than a final… Small question for the experts (of whom I am not!): has a French President ever attended an RG final? Or would this sport be labeled too privileged for example? Come on, 2nd set!

4:04 p.m. : and @Olivier You will learn that “to be choosy” in Spanish is “ser demanding”. And caramba to all 😉

4:03 p.m. : How boring this final… the worst is that Ruud, when he doesn’t mess up his shots, seems almost on top… Nadal seems very, very catchy…

4:03 p.m. : Hello. Slightly dull finish. We can take comfort in saying that the real finals were before with Djokovic and Zverev on the previous rounds. I hope I’m wrong

4:28 p.m. : Rafael Nadal wins the first set by overflowing Casper Ruud, whose woody ball explodes the microphone of the chair umpire. 6-3 for the Spaniard after an hour of play.


3:59 p.m. : King Felipe VI of Spain 🤴 #RGsurPrime #RolandGarros

3:58 p.m. : @Royal Info Absolutely, you have the eye. Note that the King of Spain was already present at the Stade de France for the famous Real-Liverpool final (even if he had no problem at the turnstiles or with his ticket).

3:58 p.m. : It seems to me that Felipe VI is present in the stands from what I have read in the Spanish press. Sorry but not being very connected to sports competition, I don’t watch the match on TV. I prefer to skip the news.

3:59 p.m. : Rafael Nadal will serve for the win of the first set, even if Casper Ruud has finally won his face-off in a convincing way. 5-3 for the Mallorcan.

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