Mythic Quest is getting a spinoff series on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ announces a spinoff to its Mythic Quest series. The opportunity to learn even more about all the main characters.

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and others, Apple TV+ must offer a certain amount of original content if the streaming service is to retain its subscribers and attract new ones. If the Apple brand platform does not have as large a dedicated budget as Netflix, for example, this does not prevent it from offering very interesting original creations. And the service has just announced a project that could appeal to fans of the series MythicQuest.

Apple TV+ announces a spin-off to its series MythicQuest

Apple TV+ has just announced a spinoff series to its series MythicQuest. If the service has not provided any details regarding Mortalesthat’s its name, but we know it’s an “expansion” that will delve deeper into the lives of staff, players and fans affected by MythicQuestthe fictional game central to the sitcom of the same name.

The opportunity to learn even more about all the main characters

Mortales will draw its inspiration from the “departure” episodes of MythicQuest, such as the independent “Everlight”, “Backstory” (set in 1972) and “Quarantine”, which showed how the characters coped with the lockdowns put in place due to Covid-19. The screenwriters of MythicQuest, Ashly Burch, John Howell Harris and Katie McElhenney, created eight episodes. Ashly Burch – who also voices Aloy in the games Horizon from Sony – plays Rachel in the original series. The creators of MythicQuestMeanwhile, Megan Ganz, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day are involved as executive producers.

Apple TV+ has not specified when the series will launch Mortales. Season 3 of MythicQuest, meanwhile, arrived on the streaming platform last month. If you’re looking for a series about video games, don’t hesitate, it’s really successful!

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