Mysterious childhood hepatitis: First two deaths recorded in children aged 6 and 15 months in Spain

The liver transplant of two small Spaniards affected by this mysterious infantile hepatitis was not successful. They are the first two deaths recorded in Spain.

A month after the first symptoms, a 6-year-old child from Murcia died of the mysterious childhood hepatitis. His condition had gradually deteriorated. He underwent a liver transplant on July 29. He died two days later, says Catalan Television.

Admitted for acute gastroenteritis, a 15-month-old baby also died in Andalusia 24 hours after being transplanted with a liver too.

They are the first two recorded deaths from this disease in Spain. This hepatitis remains mysterious since none of the viruses that usually cause it have been detected in sick children. It could be one of the effects of the confinements due to Covid-19, children having been very little exposed to viruses during this period.

As of July 28, 507 cases have been reported in Europe in 21 countries, including 9 in France. The United States is the most affected by this disease (354 cases out of the 487 in the Americas). so far, the WHO mentioned 22 deaths around the world as a result of this disease.

What symptoms?

As a reminder, the most frequent symptoms of this infantile hepatitis are:
– discomfort;
– vomitings;
– fever;
– abdominal pain;
– jaundice;
– diarrhea;
– breathing problems;
– itching.

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