MotoGP: Dorna Sports communicates on the departure of Suzuki

Dorna Sports statement regarding Suzuki

Tuesday, 03 May 2022

Following recent rumors of Suzuki leaving MotoGP™ at the end of 2022, Dorna Sports has officially contacted the factory to remind them that the terms of their MotoGP™ racing contract do not allow them to take this unilateral decision.

However, should Suzuki leave following an agreement between the two parties, Dorna will decide the ideal number of riders and teams that will race in MotoGP™ from 2023.

The Dorna continues to receive high levels of interest from several official factories and independent teams looking to join the MotoGP™ grid as the sport continues to be a global example of close competition, innovation and fun. , reaching hundreds of millions of fans around the world.

Interest from these parties has been reconfirmed in the last 24 hours.

With this statement, Dorna Sports, the promoter of the MotoGP world championship, recalls the rumor of Suzuki’s departure at the end of the year being confirmed, this can only be done after a financial agreement between the two parties, and also informs that it plans to replace the GSX-RRs on the grid, instead of reducing it to 22 machines as in the past.

It is therefore a rather optimistic message that is broadcast, perhaps also in order to prevent the Suzuki case from spreading…

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