Mosquitoes: bitten more than 200 times in the Gard, a student must stop work

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A 20-year-old student suffered attacks from clouds of mosquitoes and was bitten more than 200 times while working in the melon fields of the Gard.

The mosquito, known to be the enemy of all holidaymakers, seems to be the star of this beginning of summer 2022. Several announcements have confirmed an exceptional year regarding the number of mosquitoes raging on the Mediterranean coast. And the misadventure of a student reported by Free lunch goes in the direction of these first observations.

In the Gard, a 20-year-old young woman from Hérault suffered attacks from clouds of mosquitoes. As part of her studies on the selection of melon varieties, she was in fields located near the Camargue Regional Natural Park. “I had never seen that. They came in everywhere, in my mouth, under my sunglasses… It was all the more surprising that some of my colleagues did not seem to be bitten,” he said. she explained to our colleagues.

“The doctor had never seen such a reaction”

Her special “tropical zone” mosquito repellent equipment was not enough, the young woman confides that she has counted more than 200 bites. Problem for the student: the pain does not go away in the evening. “I had a burning sensation. Couldn’t sleep or just touch my legs.” Once at the doctor, she learns that she had a reaction to too many bites and that it has nothing to do with an allergy. “The doctor issued me with a work stoppage. He had never seen such a reaction”, confided the young woman to Free lunch. For her, no more mosquito zones.

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