monkeypox causes resurgence of ‘trauma of the AIDS years’

A man gets vaccinated in Paris, July 27, 2022. ALAIN JOCARD/AFP

TESTIMONIALS – Particularly affected by this disease, they denounce chaotic management by the public authorities.

It all started with buttons. On arms, legs, genitals. Symptoms that immediately alert Sébastien, a 32-year-old Ile-de-France resident, already well informed about monkeypox, the first weekend in July. “I immediately called 15 to find out what I had to do. As I told them I was gay, they referred me for testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). I ticked all the boxes for monkeypox symptoms but they didn’t listen to me,” he says. Fever, fatigue, aches, headaches and swollen glands in the groin: the following days, other signs of the disease appear. After a useless call to a doctor, Sébastien went himself to the “infectious disease” emergency room of a hospital to find out for sure. Unsurprisingly, the result comes down: monkeypox. Then begins a long period of isolation of three weeks in the middle of a heat wave, difficult to live on a psychological level…

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