Monkey pox: what we know about the two fatal cases in Spain

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Two people have died of monkeypox in Spain. They are the first victims outside Africa. Analyzes are underway to find out more.

Monkeypox killed in Europe. For the first time, the disease claimed victims outside Africa with two victims in Spain and a third victim in Brazil. Here is what we know at this stage about the patients who have succumbed.

Who are the victims ?

The Spanish victims are two men: a man who died on Friday and a second victim on Saturday. They are “young” men – one of the two was 31 years old – who were suffering from “monkey pox”, said the Spanish Ministry of Health.

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What are the causes of death?

The Spanish Ministry of Health did not provide further details on the precise cause of death. The authorities are awaiting the results of “epidemiological information”. Concerning the 31-year-old victim, the samples taken will have to make it possible to know if the cause of death is “meningoencephalitis” or another pathology.

Is Spain heavily affected by monkeypox?

Spain currently has 4,298 monkeypox patients, according to Spanish authorities. 120 people are hospitalized across the country. It is the most affected country in the world ahead of the United States.

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How many fatal cases of monkeypox are there?

Monkeypox has killed eight people worldwide since May 2022. The first five cases were in Africa. On the African continent, where the disease is endemic, monkeypox was first detected in humans in 1970.

What are the symptoms ?

Monkeypox results in high fever, swollen lymph nodes, and chickenpox-like pimples. The majority of patients are men who have had sex with other men, relatively young and urban. Severe complications are rare. Very often, monkeypox heals on its own, without any special treatment. A vaccine is available for those most at risk. Two doses are required with an interval of at least 28 days.

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