Monkey pox: “We are facing a new pandemic”, warns Professor Caumes on LCI

However, the spread remains limited compared to that of Covid-19, a much more deadly disease – no death from monkeypox has so far been recorded in Europe, the disease generally recovering spontaneously. “Covid-19, a respiratory disease, is much more contagious than a disease that is transmitted through sexual contact or close intimate contact.explains Éric Caumes. “It’s a limiting factor. But it’s obvious that if we don’t do something it will continue to increase, there’s no reason for it to stop.”

To limit the circulation of the virus, vaccination slots against “classic” smallpox have been opened to at-risk contacts, but the doses remain limited. Professor Caumes pleads above all for prevention and good information. “98% of people with monkeypox are men who have sex with men and have multiple partners”he assures. “In 25% of cases, we find sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) associated with monkeypox. So you have to consider it an STD, otherwise we’re not going to get away with it.”


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