Monkey pox: the number of cases tripled in July!

Monkey pox: the number of cases tripled in July!
The number of cases in France rose from 500 at the start of July to more than 1,800 at the end of July. © Adobe stock

Pr. Éric Caumes, a doctor specializing in infectious diseases, is concerned about the exponential curve of cases of monkeypox in France. The number of cases rose from 500 in early July to more than 1,800 on July 27.

Monkey pox is deadly

The smallpox strain of the monkey circulating in Europe and France comes from West Africarecalls Pr Éric Caumes, specialist in infectious diseases recalls in a video of Raw. “So, we have to start with a mortality of 1%”. According to him, “the risk factors for mortality are: children in infancy, the pregnant women and the immunocompromised. “Currently, the vast majority of monkeypox affects men aged 30 to 40, where there is little risk of complications.

The epidemic is gaining ground

The number of cases continues to increase in France. According to Santé Publique France, as of July 28, 2022, 1955 cases of monkey pox in France had been identified. The epidemic is concentrated in two regions:Ile-de-France and Occitania.

Vaccination is accelerating in France

118 monkeypox vaccination centers are open in France. More than 11,000 people had received a first dose by the end of July. People said to be at risk can be vaccinated against this virus as a preventive measure.

Who can be vaccinated?

Vaccination is thus open tomen having sex with men reporting multiple sex partners : trans people reporting multiple sexual partners; people in a situation of prostitution; professionals working in places of sexual consumption”.

Vaccination possible for contact cases

The vaccination is possible post-exposure if the patient has been in contact with a confirmed case of monkeypox. The injection should then be made within four days after the risky contact ideally, a maximum of 14 days later.

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