Monkey pox: the first infected child in France is educated in Essonne

He is the first child to be infected in France with monkey pox. According to information from the Republican of Essonne, which we are able to confirm, he is educated in class of CP / CE1 at the elementary school Charles-Péguy, in Dourdan (Essonne). “He was taken care of and shows no sign of seriousness”, specifies the regional health agency (ARS) Île-de-France, in a press release published on Saturday.

In an email addressed to the parents of students at the school, it indicates that “the child is well and remains at home until the end of his period of contagiousness”. Investigations are underway to look for possible contact cases. The ARS considers the detection of a second positive case “within the same siblings” to be likely.

Monkeypox leads to fever, muscle aches, neck glands, fatigue. A few days later, rashes may occur, pimples and/or lesions on the face, arms, palms of the hands, soles of the feet…

The school of the contaminated child remains open

According to our information, the school concerned by this positive case remains open. However, recommendations are made by the ARS: monitor the appearance of symptoms (fever, rash) and call 15 if necessary. Be offered a consultation in order to have the child benefit from a vaccination if it is deemed necessary by the doctor. In the absence of symptoms, and in the state of knowledge, there is no known risk of contagion. No measure is therefore necessary for the child (neither isolation nor adaptation of activities) nor for the other members of the family.

Until now, the virus had only affected adults in France (330 cases confirmed by Public Health France on June 23 at 2 p.m., including 227 in Île-de-France).

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