Monkey pox: lack of means, saturated vaccination slots… the management of Monkeypox worries

The number of cases of monkeypox is increasing in France and at the same time, the target audience for vaccination is concerned about the management of the situation. For their part, prevention associations are demanding more transparency from the authorities.

Monkeypox is a serious concern. The latest report from Public Health France dated July 21 reports 1,567 confirmed cases in France confirmed to be infected. An increase which includes a “data catch-up” and which “should not be interpreted as an exceptional increase although an upward trend is nevertheless observed”, underlined the organization on Thursday.

Vaccination, this obstacle course

However, faced with an increase in the number of cases, the government decided to act by extending vaccination on July 8 to the people most exposed today to infections, namely “men who have sex with men [HSH] and trans people reporting multiple sexual partners, people in prostitution, professionals in places of sexual consumption”.

However, problem: the appointments are saturated, as indicated The New Obs. Result: some are forced to make multiple calls to centers far from home to find a niche. In addition, you have to wait 28 days between the first and second dose, and the vaccine does not take effect until two weeks after the latter.

“The slots were quickly saturated, for lack of available doses”, confirms Marc Dixneuf at franceinfo. The director general of the Aides association, which works to relay the latest information on the disease, in particular via social networks, points to the lack of consistency in information concerning vaccination. “It varies greatly from one region to another. Some regional health agencies (ARS) communicate on their site the list of places that offer vaccination against monkeypox, while others are content to refer to the platform AIDS info service”, he laments.

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The #Monkeypox continues to spread, especially among men who have sex with men. As of July 12, 2022 at 2 p.m., 912 cases have been confirmed.

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— Association AIDES (@assoAIDES) July 13, 2022

Regarding the stocks of vaccines available, the DGS told our colleagues on Thursday that since the start of vaccination, 30,000 doses have been destocked, and 20,000 have been delivered to date. These deliveries continue to be made gradually, according to the needs of the vaccination centers. In any case, the European Commission announced on Monday the purchase of 54,530 additional doses of the vaccine from the Danish laboratory Bavarian Nordic.

Lack of resources

In France, there are 120 centers (the list is available However, some can make appointments but do not have the capacity to vaccinate immediately, specifies The New Obs. The Directorate General of Health evokes among our colleagues a lack of “human and organizational resources”.

In Montpellier, for example, three places allow vaccination against monkeypox. But these are the only ones in the Hérault.

Marc Antoine Bartoli fears for his part that these stammering beginnings are paid for in a number of contaminations: “We risk paying very dearly for this ignition delay at the start of the school year. : most patients need to receive two doses 28 days apart and are not optimally protected until two weeks after the second injection. Those vaccinated today will only be immunized in September”, recalls the prevention coordinator of Act-Up Paris at the microphone of franceinfowho fears that the contamination curve will climb in the coming weeks.

ud83dudd34 LIVE – ud83dudde3 Vaccination against monkeypox: too long to start? u27a1ufe0f “Very clearly, we are running out of time slots” for vaccination, explains Marc-Antoine Bartoli, prevention coordinator at Act Up Paris. “The first time slot I saw was September 6.”

— franceinfo (@franceinfo) July 22, 2022

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