Monkey pox. A first confirmed case in Pays de la Loire

The Pays de la Loire Regional Health Agency announces, this Friday, June 24, that a first case of Monkeypox smallpox (monkey pox) has been confirmed in the Pays de la Loire region. The ARS does not want to communicate on the place, or even the department concerned.

The patient is taken care of and shows no signs of seriousness, she indicates. The investigation of his contact cases was carried out and made it possible to identify four people, who are also being taken care of, also without signs of seriousness. »

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Sexually transmitted, but not only

The report established by Public Health France on June 23 lists 330 confirmed cases of monkeypox in France, mainly in Île-de-France.

The ARS specifies: “Monkey pox is a disease usually observed in forest areas of Central and West Africa and transmitted by wild rodents or primates. The cases observed in France and in Europe correspond to people with no notion of traveling to these areas. »

“The virus can be transmitted by direct contact with skin lesions or mucous membranes of a sick person, as well as by droplets (saliva, sneezing, sputters…), indicates the Regional Health Agency. Sexual intercourse brings together these conditions for contamination, as well as proximity to the patient’s environment (bedding, clothes, dishes, bath linen, etc.). »

Mostly mild cases

Infection with the virus most often begins with a fever, which is frequently high and accompanied by headaches, body aches and asthenia. “After about two days, an eruption of fluid-filled blisters appears which progresses to drying out, crusting, and then scarring, details the ARS. The vesicles tend to be concentrated on the face, the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. The mucous membranes are also affected in the mouth and the genital area. »

The disease usually heals spontaneously, after two to three weeks. At this stage, the cases reported in Europe are mostly mild and there are no reported deaths, according to the Regional Health Agency.

Monkey pox. A first confirmed case in Pays de la Loire

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