Monkey pox: a first case of Monkeypox in Nîmes confirmed by the ARS

The Gard regional health agency confirms the first case of monkey pox in Nîmes.

A first case of monkey pox has been reported in Nîmes (Gard). It was confirmed Tuesday at the end of the day, according to the director of the ARS du Gard Claude Rols, joined by Midi Libre.

Pick-up in Carémeau

“I can only confirm this information. Treatment is done at the Carémeau hospital center in terms of observation“, indicates Claude Rols. There is no hospitalization.

This first case of monkeypox in Nîmes, which would also be the first confirmed case for the Gard department according to the ARS, is not, however, the first in Occitania. At the end of last week, Montpellier infectious disease specialist Jacques Reynes sounded the alarm about the regional situation. Twenty cases were then identified in the region.

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