Monfils LIVE: follow the Madrid Masters 1000 match

What, a live broadcast on 20 Minutes for a second round of Masters 1000? Yeah, it’s crazy, but here we go, to paraphrase the title, with the late Pierre Tornade and Michel Gérard. After his easy entry victory over the Spaniard Gimeno, challenges Novak Djokovic on Spanish clay.

For the moment, world number 1 leads 17-0 in confrontations with the Frenchman, currently 21st at ATP. But the cards can be reshuffled between two convalescing veterans. The “Monf” (35) has just returned after a month’s absence for a foot injury.

Still marked by Australian tragicomedy, Djoko (34) has just played five games in three weeks, but he is not at his best, between his failure to enter Monte-Carlo against Davidovich-Fokina and his defeat in the final in Belgrade against Rublev, with a “bubble” in the third set.

“Because, victory or not, we never get bored with Monfils, we meet for this match (not before 4 p.m.)

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