Momo the Shrimp, a very high level seafood cuisine yet forgotten by the Michelin guide

In his Momo la Crevette de Waterloo, Thierry Vanholsbeek practices very high-level seafood cuisine, even if it is no longer even mentioned by Bibendum.

Regular readers of this column know my skepticism about the notations of a famous pneumatic guide. For a few years I have had the habit, after the release of this one, of highlighting one or the other house that I personally liked very much and that Bibendum sanctioned unfairly or, at the very least , despised.

This time, I didn’t have to go far to find what I was looking for… Indeed, while it is undoubtedly one of the most prominent restaurants in Waterloo and, in my opinion, one of the best affordable maritime addresses of the country, the amazing Momo La Crevette no longer appears in the selection of the famous red guide. We are not talking about a star, which has never been claimed, but a simple mention…

For the record, Momo la Pravette, created by Moïse Mérali in 2008 and taken over by Thierry Vanholsbeek in 2016, has never been at such a level of cuisine. Its boss, a graduate of the Namur hotel school, is a true master of seafood products, which he receives twice a day. That’s why, as I did on Wednesday with my dear and tender, I strongly encourage you to go see what, according to Michelin, is not even worthy of a simple report!

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