Model 3 and Model Y will prevent drivers from playing too much with seat adjustments

Hacker @greentheonly recently discovered that the next Model 3 and Model Y will be equipped with new seats with a surprising feature: they will send an alert to the driver when he spends too much time adjusting it.

To operate correctly and provide their owner with all the information necessary for driving, Tesla cars are full of sensors. Some are on the outside, especially to detect objects on the road, while others are integrated inside the vehicle to improve the overall experience. The steering wheel, moreover, has become a gem of technology in its latest version rolled out in January 2021.

This is not the only equipment to be entitled to this treatment. Seats, too, are far from just seats, and a recent discovery by hacker @greentheonly proves it yet again. On Twitter, the latter begins by explaining that Tesla has started installing new motors for its seats in the Model 3 and Model Ymanufactured by the German company Brose, unlike those usually supplied by the Yangfeng.

Tesla cars will alert drivers who adjust their seats too much

The Brose seats have the particularity of integrating a rather unexpected new functionality. As soon as the driver spends too much time adjusting his seat, the car will display an alert encouraging him to speed up the pace. So after 90 seconds the first warning will be “Misuse of seat motor detected”. 30 seconds later, the vehicle will simply disable the ability to move its seat.

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According to @greentheonly, there are two possibilities that could push Tesla to add this feature: “1) Their replacement history shows that the engines are failing because of this. 2) They now use lower quality motors from the factory and therefore added this check in the factory firmware in the first place. »

The hacker also adds that these alerts are not “in no mainstream updates yet”, but they should happen ” very shortly “, functionality being already present in the factory models.

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