Mind-boggling rise in the price of the Tesla Model 3

€49,990. This is now the first price of the cheapest Tesla Model 3. It’s the competition that will be happy…

The inflation of the Tesla Model 3 never ceases to make fans of the Californian manufacturer cry. A few days ago, the entry-level sedan of Elon Musk’s brand saw its price drop from €43,800 to €46,990, now preventing it from benefiting from the maximum ecological bonus of €6,000.

And since this morning, a new price increase now positions the basic Model 3 at € 49,990 in starting price. That is an increase of more than €6,000 in a big week, or even €10,000 if we subtract the big ecological bonus to which it is no longer entitled! Note that the other versions are also increasing: the Model 3 Grande Autonomie is now trading from €58,990 and the Model 3 Performance at €63,990. The latter is therefore no longer entitled to the bonus at all (which was €2,000 in her case).

too much demand

Tesla is in fact adapting to demand, which is far too high to be able to deliver to customers within a reasonable time. Because you have to count on a delivery date in 2023 if you order a basic Model 3 today without options. It is Tesla’s competitors who will be able to breathe a little!

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