Meta abandons its Apple Watch-style connected watch project

Meta has just abandoned its connected watch project competing with the Apple Watch. The Californian group decided to stop the costs despite the development of a prototype with two cameras.

In recent months, several leaks have assured that Meta (e-Facebook) is developing a connected watch similar to the Apple Watch in the greatest secrecy. Initially expected by the end of the year, the Android smartwatch was to allow messages to be sent to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram.

Small specificity, the connected watch embeds two cameras. While the project has not been officially announced, our colleagues at Bloomberg have published stolen photos of the accessory and information on the technical sheet. The media reports that the project was recently canceled by Meta.

Meta abandons its connected watch cut for the metaverse

As Bloomberg points out, this isa prototype of the watch. As the photos show, the camera is located under the screen and the other is placed at the back against the wearer’s wrist. On the front, Meta relies on a 5 megapixel sensor. At the rear, it is a 12 megapixel module.

The rear camera is designed to capture snaps quickly. To use it, users need to detach the case from the wristband. The watch then turns into tiny camera. We will wonder why a user would prefer to spend his time removing his watch rather than taking his smartphone out of his pocket.

This second sensor has “caused problems with another feature intended to translate nerve signals from the wrist into digital commands”. Thanks to this option, apparently a priority for Meta, it is possible to control accessories intuitively by waving your hand. “It’s about decoding those signals at the wrist – the actions you’ve already decided to perform – and translating them into digital commands for your device”explains Meta in a post published on his blog a few months earlier.

Unsurprisingly, Meta’s watch was cut out for the metaverse. It was to allow the control of tools intended for virtual or augmented reality. The smartwatch seems designed as the companion of the group’s future connected glasses dedicated to augmented reality, whose launch is not planned before 2024. The engineers in charge of the development of the watch have been redirected to other projects, including “several other wrist-worn devices”.

Source: Bloomberg

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