Messenger RNA vaccines are ‘safe’ in pregnancy, Canadian study finds

The vaccine during pregnancy is OK. It is even “safe”, concludes a Canadian study published on August 12 in the medical journal The Lancet.

Among the 200,000 vaccinated pregnant women followed by this study, we did not observe, seven days after an injection of Pfizer or Moderna, more miscarriages or stillbirths than among non-vaccinated pregnant Canadians. Same observation on the health of the mother in general: there was no more sick leave or medical care depending on the vaccination status of pregnant women.

Second booster dose

The study has so far been limited to the first seven days after the injection, but the scientists will follow the panel over the long term. However, the authors conclude that messenger RNA vaccines do not present a danger in pregnant women.

Something to reassure the many pregnant women who are apprehensive about vaccination, while the Covid-19 can for its part cause serious problems for the baby. In France, pregnant women have been invited since July 20 to receive their second booster dose, and vaccination is recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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