Mercato: Batlles rushes on a first recruit at hand, OL is choking!

Zapping Goal! soccer club AS Saint-Etienne: Can we hope to see the executives stay?

The presentation of Laurent Batlles will wait. While the supporters of the Greens were waiting to find out more about the project of the new ASSE coach next season, the leaders have not yet seen fit to organize a press conference giving him the floor.

In the meantime, the former ESTAC coach takes the opportunity to get his hands dirty with Loïc Perrin. Objective: to carry out effective and useful recruitment for an immediate return to Ligue 1. To do this, several avenues have already been mentioned. Especially in Troyes but also in Ligue 2.

The latest will startle OL supporters: Jordy Gaspar (25). According to GaëlB42, the right side of Grenoble (L2) is on the shelves of ASSE. “The file is burning for the native of Saint-Étienne, trained at OL”, specifies the insider well informed on the Forézien club. One year from the end of the contract, Gaspar is estimated at just under a million euros by the Transfermarkt platform.

to summarize

Barely landed on the ASSE bench to succeed Pascal Dupraz, Laurent Batlles could already strike a blow with the signing of a former defender trained at OL in the summer transfer window: Jordy Gaspar (GF 38, 25 years old) .

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