Menstrual disorders after anti-Covid vaccination: “Women have questions, our role is to answer them”

A young woman describes periods that lasted almost a month. Another, bleeding “ten times more abundant”. A mother, pains in the lower abdomen so pronounced that she had the impression of reliving her childbirth. On social networks, gathered under the keyword “Where is my cycle? “, the testimonies of women reporting menstrual disorders after having received the vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna against Covid-19 are raining. They supplement and/or add to the nearly 11,000 declarations of this type already recorded “officially” by pharmacovigilance centers in France. In these, most of the events reported are medically “non-serious” and reversible.

Bleeding that is too long or on the contrary absent for several months, pelvic and abdominal pain, reactivation of symptoms of endometriosis… Effect of serum or reactogenicity (reaction such as fever or nausea caused by vaccination and which could influence hormones) , What’s going on ? For the time being, the Pharmacovigilance Committee of the European Medicines Agency has not been able to establish a link between RNA vaccines and the various anomalies noted, but Christelle Ratignier-Carbonneil, Director General of the Medicines Agency in France (ANSM), does not back down.

“Continue to investigate to understand what is happening”

This has just brought together associations of patients, collectives, colleges of gynecology or midwives, etc. And this Thursday publishes a series of tips. “There is a concern for women, it must be taken into account and not left alone in the face of the troubles they feel”, she assures us.

Already, by raising the awareness of health professionals and giving them the action to take. But also by encouraging those concerned to systematically declare themselves on a dedicated site, in order to document their symptoms and be able to analyze them. “This call for declarations is essential, continues the boss of the ANSM. We must continue to investigate to understand what is happening. “Certainly 11,000 cases out of 58 million vaccinated, this may seem low, “but when you are one of the concerned, it is important”, she recalls. Better understand to move forward and also not to steer women towards vaccination, the benefits of which remain far greater than the risks.

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