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McDonald’s launches its new vegan burger, Vegan Double McPlant in more than 1400 points of sale! We will tell you more.

The Vegan Double McPlant arrives at McDonald’s. From now on, vegans can also find their happiness in the famous fast food chain. We will tell you more.

New year, new burger at McDonald’s

2023, one year which looks very delicious! The famous restaurateur with two arches has just announced the launch of his new vegan burger.

The Vegan Double McPlant arrives from January 4 at over 1,400 McDonald’s outlets in Great Britain and Ireland. After the success of McPlant launched in 2022, McDo renews the experience with a new recipe.

To release this new burger, McDonald’s has partnered with the Beyond Meat brand. But what should this famous Vegan Double McPlant be made of? Well, customers can enjoy a burger with a Beyond Meat patty, ketchup, mustard and a special vegan sauce.

And that’s not all, there are also onions, pickles, lettuce and tomato. As well as cheese made without dairy products of course! Everything in between buns with sesame seeds.

What has always worried vegans at McDonald’s is the preparation of their patties. At this level, the famous fast food wants to be reassuring Vegan Double McPlant will be preferred on a separate grill.

Employees must also use dedicated utensils for vegan offerings. Finally know that this Vegan Double McPlant has been certified vegan of the country’s Vegetarian Society.

And if Vegan Double McPlant is born today, of course because the demand is high ! “All I want is the ability to have two pancakes. That’s the important thing I need.” wrote one user on Twitter.

And in France?

If the British and Irish seem to be fans of McDonald’s vegan burger, the same cannot be said of the French! Actually launched at the end of 2020, McPlant, this burger with vegetable steak experienced a real flop.

Since the recipe did not appeal to fast food lovers in France, McPlant will gradually disappear from the menus. But his description could make us want to. “A juicy plant-based patty served on a warm sesame seed bun with all the classic toppings. » McDonald’s describes it.

But nothing helps, the sauce does not take. McDo then decides to withdraw its McPlant from many points of sale. In the US, the scenario is the same. While McDonald’s wanted to attract vegans with this recipe, the success will not be there.

But according to information from The Guardian, it was not so much Mcdo that was to blame for the problem. Indeed, it seems that the entire fake meat industry has had to face many difficulties. Across the Atlantic, the leader in the Beyond Meat sector saw its sales stagnate for a good period.

As for McDonald’s, it continued to do very well in the US. But certainly not for its vegan recipes. In fact, the most popular products are still the Big Mac, McNuggets and fries! These would represent more than 70% of the turnover in the famous fast food restaurant.

In France, the veggie McWrap has still found its audience! Maybe one day McPlant will enter the French market. In the meantime, vegans will have to make do very few choices offered by McDo currently.

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