McDonald’s: employee reveals how scrambled eggs are made!

Do you like the scrambled eggs served at McDonald’s? But do you know how they are made? We tell you everything!

Do you know all the manufacturing secrets of your McDonald’s menus? A chain employee reveals the real recipe for scrambled eggs. You won’t believe it! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The recipe for McDonald’s scrambled eggs finally revealed!

Do you like going to McDonald’s to enjoy your favorite menus? It is true that the fast-food chain is constantly innovating to please its customers.

Do you know that the sign will soon launch a tiramisu-flavored McFlurry ? This is a good reason to come soon to McDo to taste this new recipe. Foodies will love it!

If you’re more of a morning person, maybe you’re a fan of the breakfasts served at McDonald’s? These delicious breakfasts have become staples of the brand for some.

Do you particularly like the scrambled eggs that the brand serves you? Yes, but there you go… Do you know how McDonald’s goes about making them?

Because surprise, the employees of the fast food unfortunately do not spend their time breaking fresh eggs. To make their scrambled eggs, they actually use a very different method… MCE TV tells you more.

Indeed, a McDonald’s employee has just revealed the secret of making these eggs. And we are far, but very far, from those you make in your kitchen!

In a video, he filmed the process. And what we discover is fascinating! Because the eggs come out already beaten in liquid form of a cardboard brick!

The employee then simply pours the desired quantity in special molds and let the eggs cook like this for a few seconds.

Next, the employee portions the scrambled eggs and voila ! Did this revelation shock you? It must be said that some trade secrets at McDonald’s are beyond amazing!

McDonald’s employee reveals how scrambled eggs are made!

What other secrets are you ignoring?

No doubt, eating at McDonald’s remains a unique experience! If the brand is so successful around the world, it is also because it has kept a few manufacturing secrets warm!

Besides, some of them could really scare you if you knew them! Like the composition of this drink that an employee of the sign teaches you advise against ordering !

Other little secrets little known to everyone are sometimes divulged by the staff of the house. McDonald’s employees often like share the life behind the scenes of fast food with customers.

We are thus taught that we must avoid ordering fries as they are! Why do you ask? Well, because at McDonald’s, the fries are salty !

If you want them without salt, you will have to cook them fresh, just for you! On the other hand, it is impossible to choose the method of cooking your meat. Indeed, at the brand, all the steaks cook at the same temperature, i.e., at 69°C.

The reason is simple. Because bacteria do not survive at this temperature. It is therefore for the sake of hygiene that McDonald’s will serve you meat that is well cooked, and not rare!

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