McDonald’s: All the tricks to pay less for your menu! The employees reveal everything!

Even if your nutritionist or a fine gourmet will advise against fast food, some people still like to make a quick trip to McDonald’s! But if the price of the sandwiches seems affordable, sometimes the bill can turn out to be salty! Do you therefore know that there are a number of tricks to pay much less for your menus at McDonald’s? Even better, it would just be possible to get free food! Objeko reveals everything for you.

McDonald’s: a list of tips to reduce your bill

How to pay less? Or not at all?

At McDonald’s there are a lot of tips that allow you to eat much less. Objeko therefore reveals a large number of tips that will prove very effective in the famous American fast food chain. First of all, there is the solution of presenting a student card. In fact, when you have one, McDonald’s offers you a free sandwich or ice cream in addition to your menu. Thanks to this card, you can also achieve significant reductions regardless of the dishes ordered. As surprising as it may seem, it is also possible to obtain promotions at McDonald’s by showing up at the venue with promotional coupons from competing restaurants.

In fact, if you’ve received a promotion from KFC or Quick in your mailbox, present them at the McDonald’s checkout. The person responsible for the cash register could thus adjust to the promotion of competitors. And if she ever refuses, don’t hesitate to ask to speak to the manager, who could ultimately make the decision to give you this discount. McDonald’s actually likes to be number 1 and does everything to make it happen. So there is no question of them being overtaken by the competition! Furthermore, this offered sandwich will only represent a small part of their daily production. Besides making you happy, Mc Do offers a good publicity stunt!

Go for the classics

If you want to save money at McDonald’s, avoid ordering the new sandwiches. In fact, margins are less important to McDonald’s. Therefore, fall back on the biggest sale of the fast food brand. It is actually on this list that you will make the best deals. Another tip to lower your final receipt bill is when you order a Happy Meal menu. Did you know that if you order it without toys, it’s cheaper? A trick in reality that McDonald’s customers don’t know much about.

Another way to not spend too much money at McDonald’s is to simply create an account on their website. Immediately you will benefit from many promotions and even free offers. Determined to congratulate you on this initiative, McDonald’s will therefore be happy to offer you a wide range of gifts. In addition, thanks to your Mc Do account, you can identify yourself at any time. Whether you order at the counter, at the drive-thru or at the computer kiosks, McDonald’s will recognize you and have a history of your purchases to offer you the best deals based on your preferences.

The loyalty program

Thanks to your McDonald’s account, you enter a loyalty program. This system allows the company to better understand your profile and regularly offer you points so that you can contribute to some kind of kitty. When a certain number of points is reached, the gifts are linked together. As Objeko told you, the possibilities for paying less at McDonald’s therefore seem endless. Remember to also look in your mailbox or on your restaurant tickets. In fact, the deals offered by the brand on these media are almost permanent. Throughout the year, McDonald’s launches several campaigns.

In summary, all these tips, provided by McDonald’s employees, can help you get a lot of promotional offers or even get free sandwiches or ice cream. A really good deal for those who are fans of the restaurant chain’s burgers from the other side of the Atlantic. A final tip would be to show up almost at McDonald’s closing time. Some don’t hesitate to do it! At the end of the service, the employees are required to throw out all the prepared food that has not been sold. The bravest therefore dare to negotiate the price or even simply ask to receive them for free.The bravest therefore dare to negotiate the price or even simply ask to receive them for free.

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