Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t seem to be in control anymore

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Will Mauricio Pochettino be the coach of Paris Saint-Germain next season? Two matches from the end of a season without any more suspense, it is possible to doubt it. In attitude? No, since taking office last summer, Mauricio Pochettino has been far from thrilling the press during his speeches, always neutral, without a grain of madness or crispy little sentences. By its distance rather, in discourse. A detail that will not have escaped some journalists present this afternoon at the Ooredoo Training Center in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (78). For 20 minutes, when it came to talking about the future, the Argentinian chose to leave all the responsibility to the club. The famous Institution.

Asked about the media outing of Gianluigi Donnarumma, who hinted he won’t share the goal with Keylor Navas next season, Mauricio Pochettino opted for ignorance. “I don’t know what he said. I do not listen. A statement can have nuances”. Before lining up behind the club, according to him the only decision-maker in terms of goalkeeper management. “In any case, the club will make the decision that suits them when the time comes. As he did last summer, recruiting Donnarumma, having Navas, with Letellier and young goalkeepers. The club will make the decision and then everyone will have their opinion. Nothing may change, the situation may change. The club will make the decision, which will be the best for him and for the team.

Is Mauricio Pochettino still the club?

” The club “ ? Is he really still part of it? For how much longer ? Asked about this distance put when he speaks, the Argentine technician replied, looking slightly annoyed, taking the assistant present at his side to witness. “I think I’m still the coach, right? I’m the PSG coach, right? Is the answer clear? I am the club, I am the coach. We are the club? I am the coach, so I am integrated into the club’s organization chart. I am concerned with the process of deciding certain things”, he hammered, stung in his pride. Arrived last summer, unable to bring a level to a bloated workforce, Mauricio Pochettino seems more than ever on the start.

When discussing his personal case and his future, while Paris seems to be stalling – when other teams announce Erik Ten Hag or Erling Haaland – and while he is under contract in the capital until June 2023, the native de Murphy once again prefers dodging, lining up behind the club’s strategy. “Each club works in the way it sees fit. According to his strategy. PSG has its strategy. He must continue with this guideline. I believe that no one is late or early. You should not compare PSG with the others. The important thing is to know where we are going. The club is preparing for the next season, there is no doubt.. Without Mauricio Pochettino?

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