Marseille slowly takes over, Milik misses the goals

Reactions to the break

On Amazon Ligue 1, Kamara spoke about this 1st half : “There is play on both sides. I think we had the best chances. We managed to defend well. We have to continue like this, push to try to score.”

Anthony Lopes, he found his team “a little too (nice)”. “We lacked impact in the duels. We have to rectify the situation at this level. We are trying to destabilize Marseille in depth and I hope that when we have an opportunity, we will put it in the background .”

It’s the break at 0-0!

It’s half-time at the Vélodrome after this rather dull and closed first half. OL got off to a strong start. OM have started to take the lead… But Milik, for the moment, has not yet managed to conclude. It will be better in the second half.

Anthony Lopes juggles

After an overly daring lob attempt from Ünder which did not surprise Lopes, the OL goalkeeper controlled his chest and did some juggling before re-striking.



The Marseillais very slowly take over in this match. This time, Milik is served by Gerson with a magnificent cross and just has to finish… but the ball hits his ankle rather than his foot and goes wide. OL are doing very well!

Strike attempted by Gerson!

Boateng reads the game well in the OL defense and intercepts a pass from Payet to Ünder. But, then, the Lyonnais are too passive and leave the ball to OM. It’s finally Gerson who shoots, from outside the box. It’s over the mark.

New low time…

This OM-OL is struggling to be exciting so far, with a lot of weak times for too few highlights. Even if OM can be satisfied not to be as worried as at the start of the game.

The good exit of Lopes!

The OL goalkeeper anticipated Gerson’s deep pass well and managed to be the first on the ball, ahead of Ünder.


On an inspiration from Payet without control, Milik is launched into the depths and resists Lukeba for the first time. The Polish striker then comes up against Lopes and tries a lobbed shot… which lands after the goal.

Sampaoli called to order

While the game on the field is struggling to get carried away, it is the referee’s decision that continues to occupy people’s minds. Sampaoli gets annoyed on the edge of the lawn and receives a yellow card from Mr. Gautier.

Free kick obtained by Payet

The ball is very far from the goal … and the Marseillais combine with a pass from Payet towards Gerson. In the box, Dembele throws himself and against the ball… with his upper arm. The supporters demand a penalty, the referee indicates the corner post.

Tense strike from Paqueta!

The Lyonnais put pressure on OM’s sixteen meters. The action ends after yet another bad dismissal from the defense with a sudden strike from Paqueta… beside the frame.

The good center of Lirola!

At the heart of the game, the right side turns and quickly tries to play in the area with a well-brushed center. Milik is a little too short and sees the ball pass in front of him.

Barcola at the far post!

On this second corner, the Marseillais seem a little feverish and let the ball pass to Barcola, all alone. The young Lyonnais tries a volley … which misses the frame.

Dembele plays with Saliba

The OL striker manages to turn around by taking advantage of his power against Saliba, but then lacks the speed to drive towards the goal. It’s finally a corner for Lyon… which gives nothing but another corner.

Milik… taken over by Gusto!

On a quick attack, Ünder tries to find Milik in the depth. Gusto manages to beat the scorer on the run and then recover the ball.

Payet at the corner

Thiago Mendes is the fallout from the center of Payet and can ward off the danger. OL did not then take advantage of this in the counter-attack.

Dembele in depth…

Kamara covers his defense perfectly and wins his duel with the striker… finally signaled out of play by the linesman.

Timid start for OM

The supporters are boiling and Sampaoli untenable on the edge of the field, while the Marseillais on the lawn start them very slowly. Payet begins a first attack … and pushes his ball too far.

Lyon puts the pressure on

Peter Bosz’s players chose to start the match without delay, going very hard in intensity and pressing… even if it meant making small mistakes, like Toko Ekambi behind Caleta-Car.

Let’s go !

The Lyonnais are launching hostilities in this match that is so important to them. OL must absolutely impose themselves so as not to be left behind in the final sprint towards Europe. For OM, 2nd place could be confirmed if they win.

The players arrive on the lawn!

The stands come alive, the players enter the field, the draw takes place. Everything is ready to launch this clash between the two Olympiques: Marseille welcomes Lyon to the Vélodrome.

Sampaoli: “Having a 100% team”

On Amazon Ligue 1, Sampaoli justified his choice to bring some new blood to his team for this crucial match in the league … but stuck between the first leg and the return match in the Conference League semi-final. “We needed a 100% team after the match against Feyenoord, especially for Guendouzi who accumulated a lot of playing time. For this Olympico, we hope to be able to take advantage of this moment of joy with the public (in the event of a 100th goal of Payet in L1)”

Bosz: Barcola is ‘a great talent’

The OL coach spoke at the microphone of Amazon Ligue 1 on his choices this evening, in particular the tenure of Barcola on the right wing. “We are fine. But the answer will really be after the game, because she will be on the pitch. Anthony (Lopes) was injured, he missed 5 games. He trained this week, it went well. Lucas (Paqueta) is going to play as a midfielder. (Barcola) has come on well a few times, he’s been training very well and he’s a very big talent in my opinion. He can show it tonight.”

Guendouzi returns to the bench

This is the first time since mid-December that Mattéo Guendouzi will start a league match on the bench. It was during the 18th day, against Strasbourg. It had happened only once this season in L1, against the SCO on the 7th day.

Big tifo in preparation

The stands of the Vélodrome are already well stocked as the players are warming up… and the activities planned for the 35th anniversary of the South Winners are beginning to unfold.

The Lyon squad

Ndombele, Faivre and Tetê on the bench

Lopes – Gusto, Boateng, Lukeba, Emerson – Mendes, Aouar, Paqueta – Barcola, Dembélé, Toko Ekambi.

The composition of OM

Steve Mandanda, who was starting to chain, is on the bench, it is Pau Lopez who holds the goal. Guendouzi and Rongier are substitutes.

Pau López – Lirola, Saliba, Caleta-Car, Kolasinac – Gueye, Kamara, Gerson – Payet, Milik, Under

OM calls for caution

The Marseille club communicated this week to encourage its supporters to calm down after the incidents of the first leg at Groupama Stadium. A suspended penalty point could fall in the event of new overflows this evening.

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Sampaoli defends Bosz at press conference

The OM coach came to the defense of his Lyon counterpart, who had congratulated him earlier. “I know Bosz’s teams, he will need time, he said. This team is built for the Champions League, they are a bit far in the standings but I think it’s not deserved. They have the qualities to come back.”

>> The declas of Sampaoli

A tribute will be paid to Tapie

The South Winners, who celebrate their 35th anniversary this weekend, will salute the memory of the emblematic Marseille president Bernard Tapie, seven months after the disappearance of the “Boss”.

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