Marc Doyer announces the death of his wife Mauricette suffering from mad cow disease, the vaccine in question?

Last January, Cyril Hanouna received on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”, a resident of Breuil-le-Vert (Oise) named Marc Doyer. Confident of himself, the man has been ensuring for several months that his wife Mauricette, patroness of the cabaret de la Brèche, has mad cow syndrome (Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, CJD) following an anti-covid vaccination with the serum from Pfizer.

She had the second vaccination and a fortnight later she started having tingling on her left leg and dizziness. And there, it was an escalation of symptoms […] We did an MRI […] The next day, I see on the report: suspicion of Creutzfeldt-Jakob, mad cow disease […] This disease you can’t even fight […] I have my wife in front of me and I know she will die” he confided.

Marc Doyer makes a sad announcement
Determined to prove the causal link between the vaccine and the disease, the man explained that he had collected nearly twenty testimonies from people claiming to suffer from serious side effects, including several suffering from CJD (Creutzfeldt’s disease). Jacob). If Marc Doyer assured not to be against the vaccine, he was sorry to see his wife in this tragic situation: “She tries to speak. I chose to keep her at home, because I couldn’t abandon her. His condition deteriorated […] Recently, she has been given vitamin C and antioxidants… Since we did that, she has regained flexibility in her arms. She is calmer. She opens her eyes almost for days, which is illogical with the disease where the symptoms must progress. The doctor finds that Mauricette is much better” asserted the man.

On Twitter, Marc Doyer regularly gave news of the health of his wife Mauricette to his 30,000 subscribers. But this Wednesday, May 4, 2022, the man sadly announced the death of his wife Mauricette. “Pfizer killed me Mauricette has just left to join the paradise of artists” he wrote in the caption of a photo of his wife.

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