Making calls with the Apple Watch: very simple

You know you can answer incoming calls on the iPhone, also on the Apple Watch. But you can also make calls there. And you can either use the Apple Watch’s microphone and speakers or a connected headset. We’ll show you how.

No watch with SIM card? No problem!

By the way, you don’t need a watch with a SIM card to make calls on the Apple Watch. The connection is made via the paired iPhone. Of course, he must be nearby. You only need a SIM card for your Apple Watch if you want to use it to make calls on the go without having your iPhone paired with you.

Answer calls on Apple Watch

You probably don’t need a guide to answer calls on the Apple Watch. When it rings, simply leave the iPhone in your pocket and answer the call on the Apple Watch by pressing the green button. You can then make calls using the Apple Watch speaker and microphone. If the other person’s voice is too quiet, you can increase the volume on the Digital Crown.

With the red button you reject the call and behind the three dots hide quick standard replies that you can send to the caller. If you miss a call, your Apple Watch will let you know on the screen.

Call from Apple Watch – preferably with Siri

You can use a watch face where you can tap on the phone app and enter a number using a numeric keypad. But I find it much easier to use Siri. To do this, press the Digital Crown and say: Call .

You will then see a selection of saved options. Of course you can also say right away: Call mobile/private/work/Facetime.

The conversation goes through the built-in microphone and you hear the other person through the Apple Watch’s built-in speaker. That’s why you should make such a call when you’re alone so that everyone doesn’t hear the whole conversation.

Connect headphones to Apple Watch

Another option is to connect your Apple Watch to a Bluetooth headset. These do not have to be Airpods, devices from other manufacturers are also suitable. To do this, put your headset in pairing mode and go to the watch’s system settings. There you open Bluetooth and connect to the headset. You can already have your conversation without everyone hearing your interlocutor.

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Call with Facetime and Satellite

Not only can you use the mobile network, but you can also use Facetime or other apps that use the built-in phone interface. For example, the Satellite application, which I have already mentioned here.

Incidentally, only audio is available over Facetime on the Watch – in fact, of course, the Apple Watch doesn’t have a built-in camera.

Listen to voicemail with Apple Watch

Missed a call and someone left a message on voicemail? Of course, you can also listen to them with the Apple Watch. To do this, open the phone app and select the one you want to listen to under the Voicemail menu item. Here you can listen to the voicemail, delete it or simply call it back.

Conclusion: With the Apple Watch, the iPhone can stay in your pocket

As you can see, the Apple Watch leaves nothing to be desired when making calls. The only thing she can’t do is videophone for lack of a camera. But if it’s all about sound, you can leave the iPhone in your pocket.

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