macOS Ventura: functions exclusive to Macs Apple Silicon

macOS Ventura continues the path traced by macOS Monterey: Apple reserves several new features for Macs equipped with homemade chips. Reading the short lines at the bottom of the website dedicated to the new operating system identifies three features that Intel Macs will be deprived of.

Live Captions, which transcribes in real time the audio content of an application or during a FaceTime video call, is part of the lot. An extremely practical accessibility function and not just for people with hearing loss. However, it will only be offered in English in the United States and Canada, at least initially.

More anecdotally, the function to insert emojis “by voice” during voice dictation is also reserved for Apple Silicon machines.

Finally, the “Reference” mode is also an Apple Silicon exclusive. This function, intended for graphic design and photo professionals, will allow them to use an iPad (in this case only the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with its Liquid Retina XDR screen is compatible) as an external standard color control screen , thanks to Sidecar.

These three functions relying more or less heavily on machine learning, it is hardly surprising that Apple reserves them for the Mac M1/M2. However, last year Apple went back to the Live Text function: first an M1 exclusive, this function was finally available for Intel Macs as well.

There may be a glimmer of hope that some of Ventura’s new stuff currently intended only for Apple Silicon machines will make its way to Intel models during the beta cycle.

macOS Ventura: many incompatible Macs, including the 2013 Mac Pro

macOS Ventura: many incompatible Macs, including the 2013 Mac Pro


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