Lyon dominated by the Wasps at the break

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The start of the match begins in the Lyon camp, but in the 3rd minute, the LOU players make a magnificent comeback, putting pressure on the English.

The Wasps, however, returned to the Lyonnais part of the field, and put pressure on Pierre Mignoni’s players, who managed to get away after a scratch: Lyon penalty in the English camp. An interesting opportunity which will be wasted by Couilloud on the LOU side with a forward.

The Wasps benefit from a scrum in their camp and with a good kicking game, they come back to 5m from the LOU in-goal. But the locals manage to manage the touch well and Léo Berdeu gives his team some air.

After the quarter of an hour of play, no point was scored. The Lyonnais resist well to the English attacks, and even manage to worry them, but without concretizing.

It was not until the 23rd minute, and a touch 5m from the LOU in-goal, to see the Wasps score the first points of the match, with a try from Robson which was not converted: 5-0.

What upset the Lyonnais who again make a good breakaway to get closer to the opposing in-goal. The ball goes out of touch at 5m after a Lyon kick. The touch is therefore English, and the LOU players are penalized, which allows the Wasps to get free. The Lyonnais catch up after a nice scraping from Tuisova.

Half an hour into the game, a video referee was requested for a potential bad gesture by Fekitoa for Léo Berdeu, the elbow of the New Zealander seeming to arrive in the head of the opener who was tackled by another Wasps player. But the referee decides that there is no foul play, and play resumes.

In the 35th minute, Léo Berdeu passes a penalty after an English foul on the ground. The score is only 5 to 3 for the Wasps. But the Wasps took a five-point lead after a fault on the Lyon side (3-8). And it is on this small score that the two teams return to the locker room at halftime.

Be careful on the LOU side because in the 39th minute of play, Romain Taofifenua comes out to pass a concussion protocol.

to summarize

This weekend’s first European semi-final pits LOU players against Wasps. And at the break, it is the English who logically lead in the score, but by a short lead.
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